Sunday, October 26, 2014

It is definitely THAT time of year again! - October 2014 Newsletter

It is definitely THAT time of year again!
Every year, during October, November, and December, our advisors spend a great deal of time helping our clients build their marketing plans for the upcoming new year. If you are a current client, it doesn't matter if you are in the middle of a campaign (a good example is a mail campaign) that might not end until the middle of next year. All of you should still review 2014, run the budget numbers for 2015, subtract the costs of what is working, and plan to continue to build upon the effective promotions you already have in place.

If you are not a client yet, give us a call or log onto our website and complete the online client survey. Our advisory group will build and deliver a marketing plan via email, then follow up to discuss the plan in detail. 

Here are our advisors and how to reach them. 

Senior Advisor Group at NPI:

Jay Ostendarp -  
Jane Kriensky -   
Lee Buzard -  
Rebecca Palmer-   

All of the senior advisors can be reached by calling 866.336.8237.

What's the big deal about changing years? 

It's not that it is a big deal. But, it certainly could be a big deal depending upon your specific situation. 

The old 179 deduction has all but evaporated (see reference below). We are not CPA's. But we are getting many dentists (mostly clients) calling us and letting us know their CPA said they should plan out next year's marketing expenses and pay some of those in this tax year. Well, any time you promote anything, there are always costs prior to deployment. So, if your CPA says it is in your interest to pay for design/production this year, and pay for deployment next year - we can help. 

In an effort to avoid a potential back log, if all of you call us during the last two weeks in December (procrastinator alert!), we won't be able to help everyone maximize their CPA's recommendations. So, please plan to reach out some time between now and the beginning of December. That way we can give everyone the time and attention they deserve. 

This has been another record breaking year at NPI. Our firm doesn't grow simply by selling more new clients. Our firm grows by retaining existing clients. This year, over 70% of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more. This is another record. Yes, we are proud of our team, but our pride is also shared with dentistry as a whole.  

Promoting dentistry properly requires understanding, consistency, time, and let's face it - a little bit of faith! We tip our hats to the segment of dentistry which has taken the time and energy to learn, the faith to maintain consistency, the devotion to understand/monitor/measure results properly, and the tenacity to continue to build onto your successful promotion foundation, year after year. 

Everyone at NPI is proud of all of you!

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