SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

New Patients, Inc. has a world-class internet division. Here, we share our thoughts as you consider which company you will choose to build and manage your future internet marketing strategy. Feel free to check out the Website, Social Media, Mobile Website & Web Video links as well. They are all related to internet marketing.

Having a great website is only the beginning of your journey toward effectively promoting your practice on the internet. Once you have a great website, you will want to promote your site through the various primary external promotion media (external mail, print media, mass media). Additional website visitor traffic can be gained by having your website link listed when local consumers are looking for a dentist through their internet browser (search engine). That’s what SEO is: the work necessary to have your website link ranked high enough to be visible on the first page of a consumer internet search.

How long does it usually take to competitively position a website?
Initially, it takes about 60 to 90 days for the search engines to pick up the changes and begin to index your site more competitively. In some very competitive dental internet markets (say San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta), it can take slightly longer. In the more suburban/rural locations, your site will index and improve more rapidly. Good SEO is ongoing. Optimization of your website is not something that you can do once and forget about. The search engines are constantly changing how they determine relevance and how they index. If you want to maintain a competitive internet position, you have to play the game on a continual basis.

Why should I choose NPI to position my website?
The very first reason is our knowledge of dentistry. You won’t want to train an SEO specialist on the key words and key phrases involved in your business. The second reason is our understanding of the dental consumer. The obvious key words and key phrases can be found and exploited by almost anyone, but what about the non-obvious key words and phrases? The third and probably most important reason to choose NPI to position your site is our internet team. Our internet team gets a significant amount of professional satisfaction out of beating other SEO professionals! Let’s face it, if you are in a competitive internet dental market, and other dentists around you have hired their own SEO professional – it is the Hatfields and the McCoys revisited! It is the new-age version of Geek Wars! And really, our geeks win every time – hands down. When our geeks win – you win!

What else needs to be considered when building a strong internet presence?
Certainly, a great website is a pre-requisite. Then, you add search engine optimization to the site and track the positioning improvement month by month. Beyond a great website and great optimization, you should consider adding strength elements to your website like web video. Doing so will significantly increase the conversion of visitors into new patient phone calls. If you want additional exposure to the masses of people now using their smart phones to look for a dentist, a mobile website may be in your future as well.

NPI can help you with every aspect as you develop a dominant internet strategy. Actually, that is the fourth reason to choose NPI to build and manage your internet strategy! With NPI, you won’t have multiple service providers to deal with. NPI’s internet department does everything. This gives you control with a lot less management overhead. It also ensures that as times change (and they will) – your internet strategy will be ahead of the curve.

How can I learn more?
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