Friday, May 27, 2011

Mobile Dental Website Marketing

Mobile Websites for Dental Offices!

Mobile search is growing FAST!
68% of the entire world population has a mobile account.
More humans own mobile accounts than wired accounts.
Mobile searches through the internet are growing at 700% per year!

What kind of patients are searching for dentists on their smart phone?
New patients that work in an environment that monitors their internet use on their work computer
(basically, every workplace)
New patients in town on travel/holiday
Seasonal patients – patients that may live in your area part time
Contract/Government workers

How can this be a competitive advantage for me?
Less than 1% of dental practices have a mobile website.
Google positions mobile sites (with .mobi extensions) with priority above .com sites if the person
searching is using their mobile phone.
If you practice near lots of businesses
If you practice in or near a busy, downtown area
If you use QR codes in any of your other external promotion

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marketing Summit for Dentists - Boston

You CAN control your practice growth, even in this economy!

New Patients, Inc. presents The Marketing Summit with our next summit in Boston on June 24 & 25th.  There are a limited number of seats available so signup now!  Click here to learn more about our dental marketing summit specifically for dentists!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marketing Books for Dentists

Unlimited New Patients
Volume 3

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It’s been a decade since the publication of my last two books, Unlimited New Patients, Volume One and Unlimited New Patients, Volume Two. Now all these years (and learning curves) later, we are releasing our third book. I say “we” because I’ve invited my business partners and friends, Eddie Facey and Mark Dilatush, to be co-authors. Together, the three of us bring to the table 20 years of experience in dental marketing (me), 20 years of business management expertise (Eddie) and 20 years of dental practice management experience (Mark).

So what's in our new book?
Just for starters:
  • What does it really mean to be ‘marketable?’
  • See through the myths that cause dentists to make bad marketing decisions
  • Understand the hidden mind of the dental consumer and reach them more effectively with your marketing content
  • Know what REALLY differentiates you from other dentists
  • Attract high-quality patients who value dental care ahead of an insurance deductible
  • Predict which marketing mediums will produce the best results for your practice
  • Calculate and allocate an effective (and realistic) marketing budget
  • Create a multi-year marketing plan that produces measurable results
  • Accurately calculate the returns your marketing investment yields
  • Use proven marketing and management strategies to avoid common pitfalls and grow your business year after year
  • Everything you think you know about R-O-I is W-R-O-N-G

This book contains virtually everything you need to start taking control of your business and using the power of marketing to achieve every goal you set for yourself and your practice.

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