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New Patients, Inc. promotes dental practices in all viable media that have proven successful over time. We have years of experience, testing, and statistical data for every medium. We use this evolution of truth to guide our client strategies, designs, and deployment.

Is the print media a potential viable use for a portion of my marketing budget?
Yes. No. Maybe!
Sorry about giving you a wish-washy answer, but they are true answers. The direct answer to the question is: there is a 62% chance that there is a print media outlet in your market that can be exploited properly to generate a solid return on investment. When you can generate solid results greater than 50% of the time, you have a very viable promotion medium. Most dental practices should consistently allocate a portion of their overall marketing budget to the print media.

What do you mean by print media?
Traditionally, we are talking about newspapers and/or magazines. There are almost limitless non-traditional print media outlets that should not be overlooked as well.

Are there considerations in choosing a particular print media outlet?
Yes! There are many considerations. A few initial considerations would be: subscriber density, subscriber geography, & competitive dilution (other dentists advertising in the same media outlet).

How do I tip the scales in my favor?
Do your homework. Choose the best media outlet(s) first. Plan to dominate your competition (usually in both ad size and design). Carefully track performance using call tracking phone numbers. Review results and either move the budget (if it does not perform) or expand the budget (if it does perform).

How can I learn more?
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