Thursday, June 16, 2011

QR Codes & Mobile Website Marketing - Part 2

QR Codes - Part 1
Now that you have your phone ready to scan QR codes (our previous newsletter), let's take it to the next level of application, specifically for a dental office.

Let's say you have a office in a busy, downtown area like the financial district in San Francisco. There are hundreds, if not thousands of commuters, with smart phones, walking the streets every day, to and from work. Pretty good marketing opportunity huh?

Let's say you want to promote Invisalign as a service to all of those commuters. You pay for signage space at the local trolley stop right down the street from your practice. On the signage, you have a catchy phrase with a QR code.

We guarantee scanning this

Will make you smile!

There will be thousands of commuters each day, walking by this sign, wondering where the code will take them. None of them realizing there is a dental office just 5 doors down from the trolley station. Certainly, they don't realize this dental office can straighten their teeth without braces. And most certainly, they don't know that getting straight teeth is affordable and within their means.

Go ahead, scan the code with your phone to see where it goes.

Which brings us to another really important and useful characteristic of QR codes. Every time a QR code is scanned, you can get a statistical report of how well your signage (or wherever you put your QR code) is working!

If the placement isn't working - move your placement! You won't waste hundreds of dollars a month wondering if it is working or not!

Next edition of this newsletter - we get real fancy with QR codes!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

QR Codes & Mobile Website Marketing

QR Codes - Part 1
Funny looking things, aren't they?

They look like the static noise we used to get on our old tube television screens.
Oh well, I guess we have given away our age!

These funny square images you are seeing pop up all over the place are called QR codes. QR stands for Quick Response. In short, a QR code can take a mobile phone user ANYWHERE you want them to go.

If you want to try this for yourself, grab your smart phone. Go to Click on BeeTagg QR Reader and download it to your phone (it's free). Once you install it, it will be available to you on your phone's desktop (or whatever your brand of phone calls the area where all of your applications are).

Click the BeeTag reader application on your phone. Your phone will change to a camera type image. Move your phone toward this document on your PC screen until your phone captures the left QR code above. Now look at your phone. It is probably asking you what you want to do. My phone has an option to "Open Browser". Your phone will have something similar. Choose that option.

Your phone should have taken you to NPI's mobile web page for our latest book (Unlimited New Patients, Volume 3). For practice, see where the QR code on the right takes you.

Now that you have your phone ready, in our next edition, we will start to help you find ways to promote your dental practice with QR codes.