Friday, August 26, 2011

New Patients Inc - Who We Are

New Patients, Inc. is a full service dental marketing company, exclusively for dentists. In short, dentists hire us to manage their marketing budgets. This makes perfect sense. Our clients focus on the patients in the chair. We focus on getting the right patients in the chair.

We have been promoting dentistry to the dental consumer since 1989. We provide dental marketing services to individual dentists all throughout the US & Canada.

Our recommended dental practice marketing strategies are driven by real statistical result data from our own dental consumer testing (since 1989), along with independent consumer testing that we have paid for. We don’t put our client marketing budget at undue risk. As a company we risk our own money in the form of a consumer testing budget. We test compile, analyze, and then adjust our forward strategies based on statistical fact. Our dental marketing solutions are not grounded in theory or vague, general marketing beliefs. This provides our clients with real, quantifiable, dental practice growth.

You might be wondering what tools we use to generate new patients for our clients. The quick answer to that question is, all of them. We have deployed advertising for the purposes of attracting new dental patients in every conceivable promotion medium. We can attract dental patients internally through your own patient base. We can attract the right kind of new patients externally as well. We work in direct response mediums (mail), every form of print media imaginable, and all forms of mass media (radio, television, billboards, yellow pages, etc). Successful dental office marketing isn’t about doing one thing really well – it’s about doing everything really, really, really well.

Some dentists call us to find out if we do internet dental marketing. Of course we do. We have a world class internet division within our company. We handle everything from the initial website, to initial positioning, Search Engine 0ptimization, managing social media marketing, as well as producing our website video to improve website visitor conversion into new patient phone calls. Dental marketing online is an important piece of an overall marketing plan, but it is just a “piece” of the entire puzzle. Many of our clients like the fact that New Patients, Inc. can handle all of their needs, including their dental marketing online.

Some dentists believe we are
dental marketing
. We do provide dental practice management services
and advice, but not the services with which you are likely
familiar. The perception of our company as a
dental practice
company probably stems from our published
marketing books
(Unlimited New Patient Series), our
continuing education events
& courses (Marketing Summits), and
the way we generally conduct business. New Patients, Inc. DOES
work with many dental practice management consultants. Many
refer their clients to us. But dental practice management
consulting is not our business. Think of New Patients, Inc. as
the company that dental practice management firms choose when
their clients are in need of an effective new patient
acquisition strategy and implementation. That’s where we come
in. Dental practice management consultants typically do not do
practice marketing and we do not provide traditional dental
practice management services.

So, now you know more about
New Patients, Inc! We are the
company that you can start with, on something as simple as
developing a dental logo. We can also be your dental office
marketing partner for the rest of your career – no matter what
the ultimate growth objective is for your practice.

We hope you find our website informative and useful. If
there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact

Friday, August 12, 2011

Top Ten Ways to Destroy your Practice Promotion

We're not really sure who invented the "Top 10" format of communication. It could have been
David Letterman, maybe it was ESPN - who knows. But dentists seem to like this format, so we
decided to use the popularity to help our News You Can Use readers.

Top Ten Ways to Destroy your Practice Promotion

Last Edition we talked about #10 - no budget.

This edition we are going to talk about #09: Improper budget allocation

Budget allocation ties directly in with establishing a reasonable and responsible annual promotion budget.Allocating the budget to certain projects is the next logical step. Once you have a budget calculated to the promotion of your dental practice, what are you going to do with those dollars?

Unfortunately, that decision is usually dictated by which ad rep happens to call the office or take you outto lunch! It might be the Yellow Page rep, the local newspaper sales rep or even a radio station rep. There isn't enough room in this News You Can Use edition to completely discuss proper budget allocation. In general though, you start with internal projects, a solid website/internet presence, targeted external mail projects, and response tracking on at least your mail campaign. These three projects (if done properly) represent the least risk to 95% of the dentists in the country. This is where you start using your annual budget - on the mediums that statistically represent the least risk to your budget.

Over time, the call tracking will tell you how they are performing. You will visually see (and can listen in on the conversations if you want to), the impact of your marketing dollars at work. As long as things are progressing as planned, you are well on your way toward a consistently producing promotion foundation for your dental practice.

As the practice grows, revenues will rise (assuming you are attracting the right patients), and there will be more room in your annual budget. Assuming your foundation is producing, you then allocate some of the budget into the print media and ultimately mass media (radio, TV, billboards, etc). It is almost never a good idea "jump around" or allocate a large percentage of your budget in a mass media if you haven't already been successful generating new patients from the prerequisite mediums. If your dental practice is a small solo practice, expanding into alternate mediums might take more than a year or two. OK, that's fine. As long as the foundation is producing a positive result and revenues are moving forward, do not expand beyond your top budget range. Of course, there are exceptions to this. You may be more risk tolerant than most dentists, or, you might have an aggressive growth strategy. You might be in an incredibly underserved area and want to take advantage of the opportunity before ten other dentists open up their practices in the area. But for most of you, stay within budget and allocate that budget in a least risk first order.

In the next installment of News You Can Use, we will discuss #08 in our Top Ten Ways to Destroy your Practice Promotion. Number eight is, Not Understanding the Dental Consumer Market.

Got questions? Want to learn more? Think we're crazy?

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