"Howie, Mark:

This industry has more than its share of unethical or inept individuals who misrepresent things or present false or misleading information.

Thankfully, I am able to see through most of the BS.

Somehow, from the first day, I've come to trust you guys. I know Mark personally, having been to lunch with him on three occasions.

You guys are a class act."

Peter Gopal

Kent Smith, DDS
Irving, TX
“We messed up by thinking we had this new patient thing fixed because New Patients, Inc. fixed it for us in a big way several years ago. But we stopped doing mailers after years of rising success. Don’t ask me why. We got busy. We took our eye off the ball, yada yada, whatever. But once we learned our lesson, we had NPI work their magic again, so the calls are coming in like clockwork.

We had a new patient yesterday who’s a financial planner. She told me she read every single word in the mailer, and her word to describe her impression of the practice was “genuine.” She
said anyone can say anything on a piece of paper, so ‘you have to do it right to make me believe that the product is indeed what is represented on paper.’ She also said our office didn’t disappoint. Everyone was so calming and friendly, etc. . . She has quickly become one of our favorite patients, and not just because she started Six Month Smiles, scheduled crowns and is sending in her new husband.

Oh, one more item on this patient. She said she loved the fact we had families on the mailer and treated children. Is that because she has children? Nope. It just gave her a comfort level she was
looking for. How many of us dentists who love to do cosmetics would design a mailer with families? Nuf said.”

Eli Jackson, DMD
Bowling Green, KY
Dear Howie,
I appreciate the job you all have been doing for us. I have to admit it has exceeded my expectations! I was leary of marketing but now I am very comfortable with how it works and the synergy that seems to come from the overall marketing plan. My office manager and I have discussed this and we both agree that the “quality” of the new patients that our NPI program has produced has been quite good.”

Chris Hill, DMD
St. Louis, MO
“Dear Howie,

Our NPI marketing campaign is going really well right now. We are close to 7:1 return-on-investment for the year. I’ll certainly take that!

I started my practice from scratch at probably the worst time within the last 10 years save September 11th. It’s been building slowly but surely since 9/08. In the last 6 months though, everything has been hitting on all cylinders. Mark talks a lot about the exponential factor of growth when you have quality new patients referring their friends and family. This could not be more true. As we get set to start our 3rd campaign I am more confident than ever that we are targeting the right people that will help our practice grow. We have done many different avenues of marketing, including a direct mail campaign with another company, trying to find out what works in our urban location. The one that has stayed the same is our campaign with NPI. The direction and guidance of the design has been great. All our numbers are up substantially and you guys are a big part of that. We are actually expanding hours, days and operatories as we speak and I just recently quit my associateship. Direct mail and internet will be most of our marketing focus from here on out. Direct mail in a downtown environment is a bit tricky. In fact I just received an email today that states that direct mail does not work in downtown environments. That’s hardly the case here. Many thanks!”

James Segulyev, DDS
Burbank, CA
“My wife and I took over a practice from a retiring dentist, in an extremely competitive area, who did no marketing. As young dentists, we were eager to grow our practice and needing help with this, we sought a reputable firm with the proper experience to accomplish this. NPI developed a marketing plan, highlighting our unique traits and settting us apart from the average dentist down the street. Additionally, NPI provided numerous suggestions on internal marketing strategies. From the very first month with NPI, our new patient numbers grew significantly and have continued to grow consistently month after month, year after year. The patients we've attracted have been fee for service patients looking for quality dentistry and not just 'shopping.

The NPI team has been incredible to work with. Our designer, Kathy has been very helpful in guiding us through the process of developing an effective marketing approach and helping us with yearly modifications to increase our marketability. Great job NPI!”

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