Monday, February 27, 2012

What you need to know about dental websites

Advertising your dental practice on the internet is like owning a windowed storefront on Main Street. But the street is lined with nothing but dental practices! When a local consumer searches for and finds a list of dental websites, that’s what it is like to them (the dental consumer). They get to browse and window shop before making their decision.

So how do you get them to walk into your store instead of choosing one of the others?

Building a truly effective and competitive dental website requires expertise and years of experience in five distinct areas. To build a truly competitive dental website, think of it like combining a dental marketing company, a dental website design company, a social media marketing company, a dental search engine optimization company, and a promotional video company – all together.

In dentistry, you will certainly find single companies that do one, maybe two of the five. But nobody in dentistry puts an internet strategy forward like New Patients, Inc.

NPI (New Patients, Inc.) is all of those companies rolled into one. Our internet division is world class. We are:
→ A dental marketing agency - that knows what makes dental consumers take action
→ A dental website design company – with award winning graphic designers
→ A dental SEO (search engine optimization) company – that will compete with anyone
→ A social media marketing company – that knows how to exploit social media
→ A promotional web video producer – which converts more website visitors to phone calls

If one of your dental marketing ideas is to build a solid internet strategy for your dental office, NPI can put it all into action, either at a step by step pace or all at once.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extend Your Marketing Efforts to the Mobile Surfer

The web isn’t just about your desktop or your laptop computer. Consumers can’t really look up things for personal reasons at work – big brother (their employer) is watching! Therefore, a dentist can expand their reach when promoting dentistry and the services they offer, if they take advantage of what almost every other dentist is ignoring – the rapidly growing mobile search market!

As part of our clients’ overall dental office marketing strategy, we implement mobile web designs every day. Our mobile web designers follow the same exact tested principles as the rest of our website development department. If you read what was beneath the website tab, you know there are 5 key elements of expertise necessary to be truly effective when building a main practice website. Well, the same is true when building an effective mobile website. Our mobile website designers are responsible for getting the clients of our marketing company an average of 20% more internet traffic from within the same market.

If you are not currently advertising your dental services to the mobile surfer, this is almost certainly an opportunity in your marketplace which you should not ignore.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marketing Plans for Dentists

Every dentist everywhere should understand the basic fundamentals of building a sound marketing plan for their dental practice. The key components of an effective marketing plan for a dental office are a combination of proper marketing budget calculation, careful allocation of portions of the total marketing budget into specific promotional mediums (prioritized in a least risk first format), and the timing and volume at which you plan to use those mediums for the purpose of promoting your dental office.

New Patients, Inc., specializes in marketing for dentists, and has since 1989. Our marketing agency builds marketing plans for dentists in the US, Canada, Australia, England, and Ireland. Having our marketing company build a marketing plan for you is simple. Just click this link [link to online survey] and answer the online survey of questions about your dental practice. In 4 to 5 work days, you will receive an extremely detailed dental marketing plan, via email.

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