Mobile Dental Websites

Mobile Websites for Dentists

New Patients, Inc. has a world-class internet division. Here, we share our thoughts as you consider which company you will choose to build and manage your future internet marketing strategy. Feel free to check out the Website, SEO, Social Media, & Web Video links as well. They are all related to internet marketing.

Mobile search is growing FAST!
68% of the entire world population has a mobile account.
More humans own mobile accounts than wired accounts.
Mobile searches through the internet are growing at 700% per year!

What kind of patients are searching for dentists on their smart phone?
New patients that work in an environment that monitors their internet use on their work computer
(basically, every workplace)
New patients in town on travel/holiday
Seasonal patients – patients that may live in your area part time
Contract/Government workers

How can this be a competitive advantage for me?
Less than 1% of dental practices have a mobile website.
Google positions mobile sites (with .mobi extensions) with priority above .com sites if the person
searching is using their mobile phone.
If you practice near lots of businesses
If you practice in or near a busy, downtown area
If you use QR codes in any of your other external promotion

How can I learn more?
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