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Why 2013 May Be a Big Rebound Year - Get Ready

According to the ADA's website, dentistry as a whole has shed 18% since March of 2008. Many of you haven't seen that drop. But for every dentist that hasn't seen that kind of a drop, another dentist has experienced a greater than 18% drop in the past 4 years. It's just simple math.

NPI has been doing this a long time. And, you probably already know that we have statistical analysis on most things related to consumers and dental revenues. With every recession in history, there is a rebound. As we've written numerous times in almost every major trade journal in dentistry these past four years - this particular recession is interesting and unique when compared to others in the past 25 years.

This recession, or the reason why it is hanging on so long, is being prolonged (primarily) by the lack of consumer borrowing power. Remember 2002 through 2007 when everyone in the country racked up credit card debt and paid it off with home equity? Well, that home equity vanished in 08. That's where the majority of your elective dental procedures went. Poof!
There are five main general reasons why 2013 could be a big rebound year for dentistry.     They are as follows.

1.    Presidential election: Every presidential election cycle causes consumers to hold off spending. Usually from June through December of an election year. This is nothing new. This is not tied to the overall recession. But it is a fact. Consumer spending will slow down until a decision is made the first week of November 2012. Regardless of who wins the election, once the election is over, there will be an economic rebound from pent up demand.
2.    Who wins the election will make a difference: This is not a political blog. We are not taking sides. We are not debating ideological points or economic principle. If one side wins this election, there will be a slight bump in dentistry in the first quarter of 2013 from the pent up demand created by the election cycle itself, then things will flatten out. If the other side wins this election, there will be slow steady uninterrupted growth for dentistry throughout the year.
3.    Housing Prices are stabilizing: Consumers haven't stopped wanting to spend. They just stopped being able to run their credit up to historic levels. Look around you. Look at the housing numbers around the country. For the majority of the country, housing prices have stabilized. It may be another few months before prices start to tick up, but for most of the country - the floor has been found. This bodes well for future consumer spending.
4.    Interest rates are still historically low: This will further clear out the housing market and balance the supply and demand. This also allows more people to fund more elective treatment within the window of months just ahead of us.
5.    What happens to teeth and gums that are ignored for five years? Do you see the balloon of emergency treatment, extractions, implants, perio, sedation, and dentures coming?  Oh, it's coming!

What should you do?
If you are already promoting to the right segment of the dental market surrounding your practice and you have been consistent with it through this recession - you are WAY ahead. ALL those consumers who know about you through your promotion, but have yet to call - will call in greater numbers and greater quality!

If you went through the recession with little/no promotion or inconsistent promotion, establish your momentum now!

If you are not sure what to do, you can call us to chat, you can complete an online survey and have us build a marketing plan, you can read our latest book, or you can take our online CE.

All of you, to some degree, have been challenged by this recession. It's time to set up for the rebound.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Dental Marketing Company - Client Testimonial

Kent Smith, DDS
Irving, TX

“We messed up by thinking we had this new patient thing fixed because New Patients, Inc. fixed it for us in a big way several years ago. But we stopped doing mailers after years of rising success. Don’t ask me why. We got busy. We took our eye off the ball, yada yada, whatever. But once we learned our lesson, we had NPI work their magic again, so the calls are coming in like clockwork. 

We had a new patient yesterday who’s a financial planner. She told me she read every single word in the mailer, and her word to describe her impression of the practice was “genuine.” She 
said anyone can say anything on a piece of paper, so ‘you have to do it right to make me believe that the product is indeed what is represented on paper.’ She also said our office didn’t disappoint. Everyone was so calming and friendly, etc. . . She has quickly become one of our favorite patients, and not just because she started Six Month Smiles, scheduled crowns and is sending in her new husband.

Oh, one more item on this patient. She said she loved the fact we had families on the mailer and treated children. Is that because she has children? Nope. It just gave her a comfort level she was 
looking for. How many of us dentists who love to do cosmetics would design a mailer with families? Nuf said.” 

New Patients, Inc.
The marketing firm
exclusively for dentists

Friday, August 10, 2012

Marketing Services for Dentists - Client Testimonial

Jared Anderson, DDS
Ashland, OR

“I initially chose New Patients, Inc. to handle my marketing because I wanted true professionals dealing with this so I could focus on managing my business.

And that’s what I got with New Patients, Inc. Before NPI’s campaign I was averaging 25 — 30 new patients per month. Now the average is 35. So there has been a noticeable increase in quantity. But the REAL improvement has been in the quality of the new patients.

I also love that I can call NPI and make alterations, changes, additions to my campaign, and know that they will do it right and make it happen quickly. It’s a MAJOR weight off my mind knowing that my advertising is done professionally, and is based on research in the dental industry, rather than just someone with training in marketing. 

I get a lot of compliments from my patients on how nice and appealing my ads are. That has to be an indicator that things are working the way they should. The practice is going really well. I have a superstar group of gals working for me. The last 6 months have been some of the best in my career in terms of production and profit margin.

Obviously, NPI has been a huge part of that! Many thanks to Howie, Mark, Eddie, JoEllen, Jane, Terry and the rest of the NPI team.”

New Patients, Inc.
The marketing firm
exclusively for dentists

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dental Marketing Books

You might be a dentist that likes to learn everything they can about a subject before making important decisions for your dental practice. If that is the case, we are going to strongly encourage you to read our latest book (Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3). There is no text anywhere like this installment of our series. We will guide you through the basics of establishing sound marketing plans for the rest of your career, all the way through the advanced promotion opportunities the internet has to offer. Whether you are just starting your career, or you consider yourself an advanced marketer of dental services in your area – Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3 will be a book you read more than once and a book you refer to often as the remainder of your dental career unfolds.

Learn more: http://www.newpatientsinc.com/books.html
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