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Big, big, big stuff out of NPI - August 29, 2013 NPI Newsletter

Big, big, big stuff out of NPI

In the last issue of this newsletter, we discussed barriers. We are going to continue that discussion in future. This NPI e-newsletter is more about letting all of you know some very exciting news.

(NPI) New Patients, Inc. acquires Phoenix Practice Marketing (PPM)

On August 16th, NPI acquired Phoenix Practice Marketing. Rebecca Palmer (president of PPM) is now the Director of Professional Relations at NPI. For those of you who are not familiar with Rebecca, her clients sure are. She has a tremendously loyal following in dentistry. Rebecca will continue to serve all of the PPM clients as well as serve new NPI clients.

NPI/PPM - What does this acquisition mean for you and for dentistry as a whole?

The combined companies can now effectively service almost any dental practice with an annual marketing budget from $10k to infinity! In the past, NPI served the top 20% to 30% of the dental market. PPM served the middle 50% of the dental market. Combined, we will serve the top 80% of the dental market. So, go tell your dentist buddies! The entry point to having NPI manage your marketing budget just got a lot wider!

Expanded menu of marketing campaigns

From small volume post card campaigns, all the way to massive 8 page magazine campaigns. We can now deliver mail to targeted households for about 37 cents, or 58 cents, or 89 cents. So, no matter where a dentist is on their growth path, NPI will have a solution to fit almost any reasonable/sensible budget.

But read on, it gets better......

For those of you already familiar with our targeting methods, get this! Magazines can go to the targets that make up the top 10% of the population, external mailers can go to the next strata (say, 50% to 90%), and postcard campaigns from 20% to 50%! This type of campaign would generate the high quality at the top AND the volume that many practices require when they have capacity to fill. Just deploy, track, and turn the volume knob in any direction the capacity requires!

We have expanded our mobile website offerings.

Our new designs are simpler to navigate on any mobile device, WAY more high tech looking, and allow us to say MORE about the practice without jamming too much info onto a small viewing screen! It is hard to explain with the written word. You just have to see it for yourself. Just use your cell phone or tablet and go here:  


You get extra credit for knowing what this image is. You get extra, extra credit, if you use your smart phone to scan the image and go to the website.  

We've expanded our practice website (.com) offerings as well!

We can service clients on the web with the most restricted marketing budgets. We will build small starter websites, all the way to the most effective websites in the most competitive dental markets. But the most important aspect of these expanded offerings is the equity as you upgrade through your dental career. Read on.

Even more great news - equity!
Now that we have everything from the very basic, all the way up to dominant, clients earn equity as they grow. To use a fairly common example, let's say you start with NPI when you are a young whipper snapper with a severely restricted budget. Let's say all you can afford at that time is a targeted post card campaign and a very basic starter website to get you going. Some of the agency fees you pay NPI will earn equity toward the next level mail campaign and the next level website!

This way, as you grow, you are not throwing projects out the window and starting all over from scratch! NPI will ALWAYS have a next level for you to upgrade to, and, some equity will be earned for projects you've already paid for!

We will be back shortly with our usual informational newsletter. We will never stop educating dentistry on the proper/effective ways to promote their practices to the dental consumer. We just had so many announcements to make, we figured we might as well use this newsletter to spread the word.

If any of you need us, just call 866.336.8237. We will be here for you.

Got questions? Want to learn more?    

You can reach Mark & Howie at:
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Friday, August 16, 2013

New Patients, Inc. Acquires Phoenix Practice Marketing

           New Patients, Inc. Acquires Phoenix Practice Marketing

Merger will allow expanded marketing services to dental practices
Las Vegas, NV August 16, 2013 - New Patients, Inc. the marketing firm exclusively for dentists, today announced the acquisition of Texas based Phoenix Practice Marketing.
“I am obviously thrilled and honored to be part of the NPI team,” said Phoenix Practice Marketing President, Rebecca Palmer. “They’ve been a leader in this field for a long time and have always impressed me as the type of company I hoped mine would grow into. Together, we will be able to reach out and help even more dental practices. I feel like I am now a part of a marketing dream team for dental practices.”
“Mark and I and everyone on the NPI team are very happy to have Rebecca’s expertise and extensive knowledge of the dental profession,” said NPI CEO, Howie Horrocks. “She is very well known in the dental world as someone who takes excellent care of her clients.”
Company President Mark Dilatush concurs. “Rebecca has an almost fanatical following. Howie and I want to ensure all her fans that she is not going away. She will continue to provide the same service, skills, and pricing she always has.”
The acquisition will allow both NPI and PPM to offer effective promotion solutions for all dentists, from the smallest annual marketing budgets – to the largest.
About New Patients, Inc.
New Patients, Inc. has been at the forefront of evidence based dental marketing since its founding by Howie Horrocks in 1989. NPI serves dental practices in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Using their own results tracking and independent dental consumer research, they create, deploy and manage marketing campaigns that attract high quality patients into their client’s practices. For more information go to
New Patients, Inc.
5935 Edmond Street Suite 105 Las Vegas, NV 89118
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