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New Patients, Inc. has a world-class internet division. Here, we share our thoughts as you consider which company you will choose to build and manage your future internet marketing strategy. Feel free to check out the Website, SEO, Mobile Website & Social Media links as well. They are all related to internet marketing.

The benefits of having a properly done video series on your website are statistically clear, justified, and easily duplicated. The benefits are: increased website visitor conversion to new patient phone calls, and increased strength elements on your site that help gain search engine ranking position.

Website Video from the website visitor’s perspective
You are looking for a dentist near your home. You Google [dentist town name]. There are five or six obvious dental office links for you to look at. You look at each one. Hmmm. Which one should you choose?


You just witnessed what every dental consumer goes through when choosing a dentist on the internet. Every dental website has the same basic text, a gallery of before and after photos, and a bio of the doctor. Big deal, they all look the same! How are you supposed to choose one? What’s missing? What does the dental consumer need to make a decision?

Video: The ultimate at cracking the trust & respect barrier
Size, fonts, colors, logos, text, pictures, and even audio don’t hold a candle to video when it comes to establishing trust and respect with the dental consumer. Think about it. In the scenario above, if just one of those dentists on one of those five websites had a properly done introduction of themselves and their most marketable attributes – the dental consumer would have chosen them over the other sites.

The very first thing you have to establish with any dental consumer is trust and respect. If you don’t have that, nothing you say or tell them is going to sink in. But if you can crack the trust and respect barrier, you just tipped the scales heavily in your favor! If you are in a competitive dental internet market – First Impression Video is your trump card.

Just any old video?
No! Improperly produced video can actually hurt your chances of gathering more phone calls and certainly hurt your chances of improving your search engine ranking. There are four mission-critical components of a properly done website video that are very difficult if not impossible for dentists to duplicate on their own. They are: proper scripting, proper direction, proper editing/compression, and proper embedding. This is why, if you really want to add video to your practice website – have New Patients, Inc handle the entire process.

What do I do now?

If you want NPI to review your website for a potential First Impression Video Series, click here. Send us some basic information about your practice along with your existing website URL. We will get back to you promptly with our thoughts/recommendations.

First Impression Web Video Samples
Click the links below to view web videos that we have created for some of our clients:

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